Thursday, 3 September 2015

Flipping trade materials: How i buy and sell

Long time no post? We meet again WoW.

Anyways lets get to it,

(This is done with TSM3)

Since coming back to WoW i have not had much time to do the whole crafting run around(Plus i dont have Draenor) so i just sit back and snipe/snatch auctions using TSM sniper.

So far it has netted me a nice profit(Enough to pay for wow time with gold, not that i needed it anyway) and then some.

Because i didnt want to deal in high risk items, i've just started up a new toon, whacked 100k on him and bought trade goods that were below, 60% dbmarket.

The list i use for tradegoods is:

operation: ^1^T^SincludeInSniper^B^SmaxPrice^S60%~`dbmarket^SrestockQuantity^N0^SrestockSources^T^t^Smodule^SShopping^t^^
Such a large list, but its got everything i need.

Now the one trick that makes this great is way i post items.

with TSM3, not sure about TSM2 there is the option to add "Additional auction operations"

Which does a neat little trick. I have 3 Auctioning operations applied to tradegoods, 1 stack, 5 stack and 20 stack. (200 i dont bother with cause im old school)

1 stack:


5 stack:

 20 stack:


Feel free to change the prices as you see fit.

Now set up your auctioning operations on your list as follows:

What this does is when posting TSM Checks if it can post stacks of 20 if so posts and continues, checks if it can post stacks of 5 if so posts, and checks if it can post stacks of 1, etc

This makes it much easier instead of having odd stacks on items.

Just a simple tip. that is all..

Carry on.

Cheers Sw

Monday, 23 September 2013

Diablo 3 - The future of diablo 3 (Speculation)

As many people know news broke that Diablo 3 would be shutting down its AH on March 18 2014.

With that news many roars were heard from people around the community, Some stating it as a bad idea and some saying it was the perfect idea while others... Just didn't give a shit really.

As for me.. I am on both sides the fence. On one hand, i believe it to be a good idea to shutdown the RMAH but i would prefer if the Gold AH was still in. Even if they do get rid of the AH sites like will just come around and scoop up all the people wanting to trade items and people will return to the official forums for trading if they are serious.
Sites that sell gold will almost stop being needed with no where for people to spend gold which would also reduce the amount of spam people will receive.

Either way, having a effective in game trading system, while the player is offline would be good. With the loot changes coming in Reaper of Souls it will be interesting to see if it increases the way people geared compared to buying loot off the AH. (from memory 1 legendary was 100% drop per boss first kill.)

As with the shutdown date of March 18 2014? Could we be seeing that as the drop date on Reaper of Souls? or close to it. it does seem like a very specific date. From the previews of Reaper of Souls the game sounds ready for a release date.

But we will see more in the future...
Cheers Sw

Saturday, 24 August 2013

General Gold Making: Past = Future(Just random typing)

When many people start out with making gold in many games, they always wonder and look around for the best way to make gold. but most people look too deeply and don't see the greater picture. Instead of looking at why something sells, the properties it has compared to other items they just see the single item.
Most gold making is just repetition of the past.

There have been numerous methods to make gold in the past in many games. most of the time those methods will translate in the future. That is to say, the basics of selling one item in the past could be applied to the future items.

Most people think gold making methods they use are new but most of the time its just a repetition of the past, but with a new items.
Keeping data of previous items and looking back at your data once in a while will help you determine alot of factors, Although i have heard that alot of people believe they don't need to look at data to see they somehow just magically know everything. /shrug

When deciding on what items to sell, don't just think of what but think of when. With WoW timing on alot of flasks/food is during raid nights. Look at your data and determine the sale times and a relation with an event in game.

blah blah blah i had more to say but got tired and forgot.

Cheer's Sw

Friday, 23 August 2013

FFXIV and the future(Short post)....(Need to work on my titles more)

As many people already know Final Fantasy XIV will start in just under 8 hours  and as some people may not know is that FFXIV will also have an AH and various other things based around gold making.

I plan on playing and making gold in this game, so you can expect to see gold making tips for that game placed here.

In the future though, the markets for FFXIV might crash considering everyone can get every profession. how ever there is the system that with crafted items you will have different qualities applied( i believe, didn't really muck around with crafting system in beta) and in gathering professions nodes aren't shared everyone has there own phased nodes(mining atleast from what i saw, unknown about others).

well, thats what you can expect from this blog in the future, might also keep up to date with D3 gold making aswell but we will see how much ffxiv captivates my attention.

for now..
Cheer's Sw

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Diablo 3 - Earning gold and farming gear

I'm sure everyone know's Diablo is just one massive farm fest and people trying to get the best for there toon's as they can. With farming you get the main colors:  legendary, rare and  magic. Each of these can be DE'd for there respective material.

Level 60 legendary's will give 1 brimstone and a chance of 1-2 Iridescent tear.
Level 60 Rares will give 1 Iridescent tear + 1-2 Exquisite Essence.
Level 60 Magics will give 1 Exquisite Essence and a chance of 1 Iridescent tear.


The way i handle my farming is run my route(discussed later) when full port to town > identify > keep what has good stats > DE what has bad stats.

What you do after this is entirely up to you but if you are gearing up it's best to craft mostly what i say unless you think you have really bad luck.

What i do is any crap legendary's i DE for brimstone's and i craft Amulets(BOA).

These are probably some of the best amulets in game(personally) 201-230 of the main stat then 5 random properties. It's cheaper and easier in the long run to get these than it is to buy another amulet off the AH.

If you don't have the recipes, they are cheap to get off the AH for around 5-10k.

After that i would then DE any crap necks i have and craft Archon Gauntlets.

Again, these i personally feel are some of the best and easiest gloves to get, Same deal as before 201-230 of a main stat and 5 random properties.

Most people think eww Rare must be crap, but in fact 90% of Rare's are probably better then legendary's Colors don't make the difference.. stat's make the difference.

After this i will DE any glove's that are not an upgrade because again, these are BOA.

With 5-10 mins of farming i had about 112 Exquisite Essence which i then went and posted all on the AH for  around 190k, and with in posting and logging into the game they all sold!

It say's 160k because of the 15% AH cut
In this image you can also see some that i had sold previously from farming.


My basic farming route since 1.0.8 with mob density increase relies on Act 1 mainly Field of misery and Weeping hollow zones.

I start the game on Act 1 inferno at Quest 9 part 3 Chamber of suffering.

Get into the game and go to the waypoints and teleport to The festering woods(this zone is included due to the 2 always spawn dungeon and 1-2 rare packs to build NV off. Clear the whole zone.

Then After that i will teleport to Fields of misery and clear the zone and all dungeons except for khazra den it's a worthless place and has no mobs.

After i clear FOM i will run to the very bottom of the map cross the bridge and run to the cemetery kill the rare champ that sometimes spawn then run out of the gate and enter the Weeping Hollow. Again ,clear the zone including all dungeons once done teleport to town. Identify items and DE items then log out and repeat.

Closing Words

With that i leave you too enjoy what ever you can run your own route for items to do it.

But before i leave i will say, you do not have to craft necks or gloves and just sell everything but i prefer to craft them for the chance of upgrades.

You can do this on any MP and while writing this and forgetting what zones were called i ran it to refresh myself on MP 0  and got 1 legendary, 2 loads of Rare/Magic item's which DE'd to about 40-50 essence and 20 tears.

for now...
Cheers Sw

Monday, 13 May 2013

Diablo 3 - Trifecta? more like Goldfecta!

Ok, crappy title to a post but screw it...

As many people know, i've been learning the D3 AH it's quite different you're limited to your searching which can make it hard to actually find good deals.... that is unless you know what you are looking for.

Trifecta Gloves/Amulets/Rings

Trifecta basically mean's gloves or a piece of jewelry that rolls with the three most desired stat's which are:
  1. Critical hit chance - CHC
  2. Critical hit damage - CHD
  3. Attack speed or as some people refer to it as Increased attack speed - IAS - AS
  4. Socket - I search for sockets on necks and ring's as far as i know, glove's don't come with it.
This is how my basic search set up is done.

You will change Amulet for ring or gloves.(note, no socket selected due to searching for both Trifecta and and Trifecta+socket's separately to even out the type of items i have in stock).

After searching for an item, compare it to your current toon's and gauge off your gears value v's your gear stat's v's how much of a downgrade / upgrade the item is compared to yours. (don't forget that values like dex and strength may change dps depending on what toon you currently have selected)

Sort by time : look for price
After setting everything up, hit search and sort by time left and scan for low prices, i aim for items valued below 10-20k, but for first time doing it or just learning i would aim for things between 5 to 10k.

Only problem with doing this all manually(being legal and sticking to EULA and TOS) is that the AH is region wide, which mean's that there could be bot's doing the same thing.

( i didn't win the item in the picture because someone decided to snipe it at last second :( )

but an item i did win is....

Which i sold for 5 mil later on. (picked up for 10k).

The reason this neck sold for so much is because of:
High CHC
High CHD
Max IAS(well, 9% is max as far as i know)

IAS above 6% - Good
CHC above 4% - Good
CHD above 50% - Good
Socket - Better!

IAS above 6% - Good
CHC above 6% - Good
CHD above 50% - Good

IAS above 6% - Good
CHC above 6% - Good
CHD above 50% - Good

Other stat's to look for:
Min Dam
Max Dam
Resist All - 80 is max
Average Dam (Between ??? - ??? )
Main stats - Strength, Dex, Int

Item's below these stat's will still sell, just for not as much.

I normally post my won items at bid atleast 15% more then what i bought it for. and buyout depending on stat's and market prices for items around the same stat's.

This is as far as i can think of to go with this post, anything else wanted just pop me a message on twitter (@shiftywarloc)

For now...
Cheer's Sw

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The end is near....

For some people on my real id will have noticed i have not been playing WoW alot lately, which mean's no new ideas for posts on this thing.
I have how ever been playing D3 alot and quite enjoying it. lvl 60 barb(thanks to the help of ZH) with paragon lvl 14!

Been gearing it up pushing it's limits... dead alot... but having fun none the less. Many people have looked at D3 as a failure to succeed a good series of games but i on the other hand believe it to be a good addition. the story of D3 could have been somewhat better but it's good.

The meat of this post was meant to be me saying, i may be taking a extended break from WoW for a while until i can find something in the game that makes me happy to enjoy it. Addon's will still be updated as much as i can. but dont expect any drastic changes.

Wow just had nothing to keep me intersted.. dailies were just boring and i got nothing out of it. raiding, i gave up back in cata and LFR just isnt the same. The new death system in it puts emphasis on people wiping to get it done and people generally being bad.

I might repost auctions every now and then on WoW but other then that, the game is mostly dead to me.

I will be doing the D3 AH as i go both GAH and RMAH not too sure if people would be interested in that. But as most people will say, information and guides to the D3 AH shouldnt be posted because we are all against each other on one giant AH.

The thing is Diablo AH prices are all about the stats. so you arent directly competing with friends when selling, but you are competing when buying and flipping, so if i was to tell you the stats to look for on a piece of gear we would be against each other looking for the cheapest of that item.

Which makes me not want to share information.. but we will see how that goes.

for now...
Cheer's Sw