Friday, 30 November 2012

New Blog, New Day

Welcome to the blog!

Some of you may know me as Shiftywarloc on twitch and on, but others may know me as j311yf1sh on various other forums.

But i am just a gold maker, some might say im ordinary, some might say im not, the choice is up to you.

This blog, i plan to release a post every day following sales/gold/guides you name it, i might post it.

A little about me

Been playing WoW since 2006, been loving it ever since, started playing back when i had dial up still, ohh the wait time for a patch was more epic then the wait time today.

Since i started playing wow i always enjoyed gold making, when i hit lvl 30 i would everyday do a run of Deadmines to make gold on drops in there. I wasnt alone, i had friends to play with who also enjoyed the occasional dungeon farm.

Alot has changed in wow since i started, people are taking the game alot more seriously then when i first remember, even now i see myself taking the game more serious and not having enough fun. writing this blog may help me to have a little bit of more fun =3


I have multiple toons at lvl 85, and only one 90 currently(druid and warrior are on there way), my main toon since i started playing locks has been my warlock, who this blog is titled about.

For now..

Cheers Sw