Sunday, 24 February 2013

A warning to all those stockpiling for 5.2....

With 5.2 just around the corner and the changes to Blacksmithing and new gear, there seems to be an ever growing thought that people should stack up and stockpile on all ghost iron ore and living steel / trillium to resell once the patch drops...

I have news for you, everything about demand of items going up is all "Speculation".
Let's see what google has to say about speculation: "define: Speculation"

it essentially say's, it's a guess and not 100% fact.

Which mean's there's no 100% proof that ghost iron ore/living steel/trillium bars will go up in such a high price that there's enough room to sell all your stock pile and profit off it $$$$.

When it come's to stockpiling, don't just stock pile for a patch, stock pile for your professions with items that you use often.

There's no point in stockpiling unless you yourself/your professions can benefit from it.

Think of it this way, if everyone stock piles ghost iron and they have no profession's that use it and they all sell on the AH during patch drop... there's gonna be a flood, everyone undercutting which means your profits will potentially be a loss.

But i already bought it all :(

Sure, hold onto what you already bought don't flood at patch drop disperse it between bars/ore and wait for prices to even out and hopefully they even out on a profit!

Worse comes worse, find someone to craft gear for you with the ore! I'm sure a guildy wouldn't mind helping out a friend!

But for now....

Cheers Sw

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Return...


Haven't posted in a while here, and i noticed ive had a few people ask me about continueing this... but the problem was that i sent all the gold i had earned to a random toon on the server and deleted/vendor'ed all the stuff i had.

How ever... The gold was sent back, due to the random toon being disabled or not used, so i thought if people wanted this then why not, so i might continue this.

I will try and post more updates to this at a later time but for now...

Cheer's Sw