Thursday, 6 December 2012

Adventures as a lowbie gold maker Day 4

Day 4 kicked off really well.

Sold chest/shoulders for Contender's set for a profit, and then sold 90% of my Mop Green Stock

With all these sales it's time to start expanding what im doing, I.E bigger quantity's of items

Time to start buying more Mop Greens and also to start getting into Xmog More.
The Transmog lists im using for buying are Elvine's from here

Best transmog lists i have found so far that are used with auctionator.

Also managed to sell another herbalist spade this time for 100g!

Time to see if i can post for 500g? 

After all this, i've ended the day with 2965g.

For Now...
Cheer's Sw

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Adventures as a lowbie gold maker Day 3

Well, thing's worked out well, i managed to sell Contender's Revenant Belt for 117g after making it for minimum money.

So im using trade skills from trade to make gold, who say's you need level professions to make good gold?

Gonna start taking this further and get a whole set crafted and see how that works out.

Also managed to sell my first mop green boe item, i don't buy anything above 50g so i made a nice little profit on this one.

With that success under my sleeve i will start buying more items and soon delve into Transmog.

For all those wondering about my addons i use for auction's ill do a post tomorrow.

As usual the end of my post i will put TSM sale data so..

for now...
Cheer's Sw

Monday, 3 December 2012

Adventures as a lowbie gold maker Day 2

Day 2 started quite fun logged on and saw that my herbalist spade had sold for 50g, so i am quite excited to see how much higher i can make it go.
Herbalist spade Sale data

Did my fishing daily and got a Strand Crawler was quite excited but didn't expect it to sell for much after learning it and caging it, but to my surprise i sold it for 500g, so that added a big boost to my gold, and i got a bit excited and bought another one that was laying around on the AH for 66g and sold that one for 240g.
Sadly my TSM isn't detecting caged pets in accounting so i cant show.

Crafted more copper bars sold a few, Selling some cloth that i picked up while leveling, not much other sales.

Started buy lots of BOE greens from MoP for resale they are sitting there waiting to be sold.

Started to invest into crafted BoE pvp gear, i got a Contender's Revenant Belt which turned out to only cost a few gold to make but should sell for atleast 100g fingers crossed.

As i type this i have lots of stuff sold on the AH waiting to be delievers to mail box and i currently end the day with a gold amount of 1113g

For now..
Cheer's Sw

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Herbalist Spade Challenge! the un-dug profits

This is a post about the thread i started on Herbalist Spade Challenge

The idea behind the herbalist spade was to see how much i could sell it for and it went better then expected.

I managed to get prices up to 50g so far, i sold my first for 5g, second for 10g, third for 15g and then priced up to 50g, each spade took less then 3 days to sell.

This market is un-dug and quite profitable form that you can buy the spade for a couple silver from most trade vendors.

So i challenge you, how much can you sell it for?

Post in the thread linked at the top of this post with a pic of your reply.

For now..
Cheer's Sw

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Adventures as a lowbie gold maker Day 1

With wow being slow over the past week, i decided to test the waters and create a new lvl 1 alt on a new server, no starting gold, no gear, nothing.

I plan to see how long it will take for me to buy a spectral tiger(swift because armor is sexy) and then, give away said spectral tiger.

So far?
Total time played: 0 days, 15 hours, 47 minutes, 44 seconds
Sitting at currently 1.5k gold at the moment on a lvl 20. slowly making progress, going up and down through investing in MoP Boe's for sale.

TSM Auction Data

These are my current sales/purchase statistics in TSM Accounting.

The clam meat was so i could level cooking and learn Savory Deviate Delight and possibly make gold on those at some point.

The sales on copper bars, was due to smelting ore into bars and then selling the bars for profit.

When on a new server i prefer to pick up gathering professions to make my starter gold, i don't go out of my way to farm much but i will pick up herb's/ore's i see.

I plan to update this blog constantly with updates to how i am doing as a lowbie gold maker on this server.

Waiting for DMF to open up so i can make potential gold from there.

Till then...
Cheer's Sw