Friday, 29 March 2013

Adventures as a lowbie gold maker day ??(i lost count)


Another post about my current progress at low level gold making. Currently over the past few day's I've just been follow my current methods of:

Low level gem prospecting
Cooking Savory deviate delights
A little Xmog flipping
Mop Green flipping
Mop Blue Flipping
General Item Flipping
Buying MoP epics and getting them DE'd and then re-selling the material(or if i get enough i get enchants crafted)

I may not have talked about some of these method's and if i haven't... please feel free to ask me about them.

All these are great way's to make profit at a low level some of them don't even need a profession. As with one of my previous posts i mentioned i had Mining along with JC, but i don't remember going into how i made gold with mining.

Most people will see mining as a farming/gathering profession and that's the only way to make profit from it.But I've got news for you(if you are one of those people) it's also a crafting profession and sometimes a highly profitable one at that.

Currently my Mining trade skill window looks like this:

As you can see not many crafts possible, but some still profitable!
(For anyone wondering... The addon showing the pricing there is Lil' Sparkys Workshop with TSM data, How ever in TSM2.0 it will have the prices by default... One less addon to run!)

As you can see i've got silver highlighted, the day when i bought the current silver ore the price was alot cheaper then it currently is and the sale price was alot higher, but thing's change so owell.

As you can see by this i bought 61 pieces of ore, and with that ore i turned it into bars at a 1:1 ratio and the Auction house did some magic and my mailbox ended up like:

As you can see by this i didn't sell all 61 bars so there's still some on the AH and i will keep re-posting at my price even if there are some cheaper until i sell them all... i have all the time in the world to post them up.

As i level mining higher i should be able to find more and more crafts to do in order to make more profit at a low level.

I'm constantly on the look out for great deal's and so should you, there is multiple website's and tool's available to the community to use to find those deal's but i'm sure they have been discussed in countless other places.

Currently as it stand's i am at 13k liquid gold and over 19k invested in some item's.
And my TSM accounting look's like...

For now...

Cheer's Sw

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