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Your guide to the TSM APP

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Hey guys!

A few people have been having trouble with the TradeSkillmaster APP, it auto updates your auction prices out of game and generally is a must have item when using TSM these day's.

You can download the APP from tradeskillmasters website.

Just follow instructions, sign up, and set it up. then come back here.

1. Setup

After first opening the TSM APP this is the first page you should be looking at.

  • You will first want to choose your WoW directory by clicking on change and navigating to your WoW folder.
  • If you want it to run at startup when you first boot the computer click, run at startup.
  • Start minimized will make the APP load up minimized.
  • With minimize to system tray selected it will make your app go down to your system tray(Next to where the time is located on your computer)

Lets set it up.

  1. Select your server from the drop down box(you can have 5 active servers max? i think)
  2. Select faction, the options are both, alliance, horde.
  3. Add your realm!. it will apply your current selection.
  4. If you screw up something, select this.
  5. Do not click, unless you want to go through the website set up process again.

2. AuctionDB Updater

This is the key part of the APP, it allows you to update your TSM auction data every hour by itself, out of game. all you have to do is /reload to get the data

This area is pretty self explanatory, but ill try my best.

  1.  Check the server/server's which you want the app to update, as you can see there is a maximum of 5
  2. How long you want to keep the data for. This setting depends on how often you log into the game, if you log into all your servers at least once a day, you can set it to one day. after one day it will delete old data even if you haven't imported it into game.
  3.  Force an update, if you have already scanned within the last hour it will only download the data for that last hour, because blizzard dumps its AH data every hour.

3. Deal notifications

This section is a gold mine when it comes to finding deals. it allows you to check your dealfinding lists that are set up in game, every hour there is a update.

  1.  These are the main tabs of this section. the first tab, set up is what is being shown and is where you set up all the details to get this working. The second tab, the Deals, is where once every hour and when the data is updated it will show anything in your dealfinding lists that are below your deal price.
  2.  This is where you select the account your toons with the dealfinding lists are located.
  3.  The TSM profile with the dealfinding lists you want to check.
  4.  Sync the shopping lists in game out of game(will need to /reload after changing a setting in game)
  5.  The server in which you want to check deals for.
  6.  Your current dealfinding lists on selected profile. enable/disable the ones you want.
  7.  Sapu has kindly included a free email service to email you your current deals to the email address of your choice that is set up on the TSM website. Also here is a button to enable/disable all the dealfinding lists below it.

This is a view of what your deals that are found will look like on the Deals page.

4. Wowuction Updater

Wowuction provides you with another set of data for your realm or even region!

To get Wowuction to work with TSM you will need the tradeskillmaster_Wowuction addon I have it for the sake of it, and it can be useful to see some extra data on an item you are trying to flip

  1. Same setup as AuctionDB Updater except there is a section down bottom for region data, which will give you all of US data, average market value across all servers etc.
  2. Your wowuction api key, which if you need you should follow the instructions above this box to get started.
  3. Same as the auctionDB force update.

5. Backup/restore

Back up and restore is an area that allows you to back up your Saved variables and settings for TSM automatically!

USE IT! i can not stress how useful this setting is.

  1.  Choose your directory you want your back ups to go to.
  2.  How often do you want to back up? i choose everyday because i change alot of settings day in day out so i need constant back up
  3. Select this if you want it to automatically back it up for you.
  4. Force a back up right now.
  5. Purge will delete backups older then the specified day.
  6. Enabled purging.
  7.  If you screwed up and lost your settings, select this to select a back up.

6. report Bug/Error

Currently this isn't working, for more information go Here

7. Useful Links

List of TSM Related Links. Main Forum/help forum. Sapu's Twitter.

8. IRC Chat

This is your go to source for help with TSM it's a direct connection to the IRC chat room for TSM. You can get help from Dev's or TSM Users. I am constantly on there as long as I'm at the computer under the name j311yf1sh.

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