Monday, 23 September 2013

Diablo 3 - The future of diablo 3 (Speculation)

As many people know news broke that Diablo 3 would be shutting down its AH on March 18 2014.

With that news many roars were heard from people around the community, Some stating it as a bad idea and some saying it was the perfect idea while others... Just didn't give a shit really.

As for me.. I am on both sides the fence. On one hand, i believe it to be a good idea to shutdown the RMAH but i would prefer if the Gold AH was still in. Even if they do get rid of the AH sites like will just come around and scoop up all the people wanting to trade items and people will return to the official forums for trading if they are serious.
Sites that sell gold will almost stop being needed with no where for people to spend gold which would also reduce the amount of spam people will receive.

Either way, having a effective in game trading system, while the player is offline would be good. With the loot changes coming in Reaper of Souls it will be interesting to see if it increases the way people geared compared to buying loot off the AH. (from memory 1 legendary was 100% drop per boss first kill.)

As with the shutdown date of March 18 2014? Could we be seeing that as the drop date on Reaper of Souls? or close to it. it does seem like a very specific date. From the previews of Reaper of Souls the game sounds ready for a release date.

But we will see more in the future...
Cheers Sw

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