Saturday, 24 August 2013

General Gold Making: Past = Future(Just random typing)

When many people start out with making gold in many games, they always wonder and look around for the best way to make gold. but most people look too deeply and don't see the greater picture. Instead of looking at why something sells, the properties it has compared to other items they just see the single item.
Most gold making is just repetition of the past.

There have been numerous methods to make gold in the past in many games. most of the time those methods will translate in the future. That is to say, the basics of selling one item in the past could be applied to the future items.

Most people think gold making methods they use are new but most of the time its just a repetition of the past, but with a new items.
Keeping data of previous items and looking back at your data once in a while will help you determine alot of factors, Although i have heard that alot of people believe they don't need to look at data to see they somehow just magically know everything. /shrug

When deciding on what items to sell, don't just think of what but think of when. With WoW timing on alot of flasks/food is during raid nights. Look at your data and determine the sale times and a relation with an event in game.

blah blah blah i had more to say but got tired and forgot.

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