Monday, 3 December 2012

Adventures as a lowbie gold maker Day 2

Day 2 started quite fun logged on and saw that my herbalist spade had sold for 50g, so i am quite excited to see how much higher i can make it go.
Herbalist spade Sale data

Did my fishing daily and got a Strand Crawler was quite excited but didn't expect it to sell for much after learning it and caging it, but to my surprise i sold it for 500g, so that added a big boost to my gold, and i got a bit excited and bought another one that was laying around on the AH for 66g and sold that one for 240g.
Sadly my TSM isn't detecting caged pets in accounting so i cant show.

Crafted more copper bars sold a few, Selling some cloth that i picked up while leveling, not much other sales.

Started buy lots of BOE greens from MoP for resale they are sitting there waiting to be sold.

Started to invest into crafted BoE pvp gear, i got a Contender's Revenant Belt which turned out to only cost a few gold to make but should sell for atleast 100g fingers crossed.

As i type this i have lots of stuff sold on the AH waiting to be delievers to mail box and i currently end the day with a gold amount of 1113g

For now..
Cheer's Sw

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