Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Adventures as a lowbie gold maker Day 3

Well, thing's worked out well, i managed to sell Contender's Revenant Belt for 117g after making it for minimum money.

So im using trade skills from trade to make gold, who say's you need level professions to make good gold?

Gonna start taking this further and get a whole set crafted and see how that works out.

Also managed to sell my first mop green boe item, i don't buy anything above 50g so i made a nice little profit on this one.

With that success under my sleeve i will start buying more items and soon delve into Transmog.

For all those wondering about my addons i use for auction's ill do a post tomorrow.

As usual the end of my post i will put TSM sale data so..

for now...
Cheer's Sw

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