Thursday, 6 December 2012

Adventures as a lowbie gold maker Day 4

Day 4 kicked off really well.

Sold chest/shoulders for Contender's set for a profit, and then sold 90% of my Mop Green Stock

With all these sales it's time to start expanding what im doing, I.E bigger quantity's of items

Time to start buying more Mop Greens and also to start getting into Xmog More.
The Transmog lists im using for buying are Elvine's from here

Best transmog lists i have found so far that are used with auctionator.

Also managed to sell another herbalist spade this time for 100g!

Time to see if i can post for 500g? 

After all this, i've ended the day with 2965g.

For Now...
Cheer's Sw

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