Monday, 1 April 2013

Adventures as a lowbie gold maker Day 6(boring post, don't read)


Day 6 of writing this and to keep people that interested, well.. interested i thought id post my results over the last few day's since we last talked.

I'm going to break down how much i made into the method of what i used to make those as mentioned from a previous post.

Low level gem prospecting: 
Bought a bunch of tin ore and prospected about half of it and came out with around 2500g across 2 days
Cooking Savory deviate delights:
It's hard to find these at a low price, most people seem to be farming them to make it so they think they can push prices down. so only around 100g in sales
Xmog flipping
Only deal in plate so i have not had much sales with these only around 1000g
Mop Green flipping
Selling my green's for about 500g each they are very random on when they sell,  but they do sell. past 2 days about 4000g
Mop Blue Flipping
only 2 ghost shard weapons for about 800g each, so 1600g there
General Item Flipping
0g, havnt had much luck selling anything like this lately
Buying MoP epics and getting them DE'd and then re-selling the material
900g, they sell fast but the supply isnt that fast/cheap so it's a bit of work to find the right ones.

Roughly 10k give or take a few thousand from memory loss

While i write this im actually prospecting more gem's, im currently at the rate where i buy any tin ore below 1g and i have TSM dealfinding lists set up along with the TSM app to help along the way. If you don't know how to set up the TSM app, just go to my previous post and read!

It's good to be constantly buying item's you use, Ever hit that dry spot where everything is too expensive to craft? if you constantly buy at your set prices then your stock should never dip too low. it's a balance between price and quantity.

For now...

Cheers Sw

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