Thursday, 18 April 2013

The end is near....

For some people on my real id will have noticed i have not been playing WoW alot lately, which mean's no new ideas for posts on this thing.
I have how ever been playing D3 alot and quite enjoying it. lvl 60 barb(thanks to the help of ZH) with paragon lvl 14!

Been gearing it up pushing it's limits... dead alot... but having fun none the less. Many people have looked at D3 as a failure to succeed a good series of games but i on the other hand believe it to be a good addition. the story of D3 could have been somewhat better but it's good.

The meat of this post was meant to be me saying, i may be taking a extended break from WoW for a while until i can find something in the game that makes me happy to enjoy it. Addon's will still be updated as much as i can. but dont expect any drastic changes.

Wow just had nothing to keep me intersted.. dailies were just boring and i got nothing out of it. raiding, i gave up back in cata and LFR just isnt the same. The new death system in it puts emphasis on people wiping to get it done and people generally being bad.

I might repost auctions every now and then on WoW but other then that, the game is mostly dead to me.

I will be doing the D3 AH as i go both GAH and RMAH not too sure if people would be interested in that. But as most people will say, information and guides to the D3 AH shouldnt be posted because we are all against each other on one giant AH.

The thing is Diablo AH prices are all about the stats. so you arent directly competing with friends when selling, but you are competing when buying and flipping, so if i was to tell you the stats to look for on a piece of gear we would be against each other looking for the cheapest of that item.

Which makes me not want to share information.. but we will see how that goes.

for now...
Cheer's Sw

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