Monday, 13 May 2013

Diablo 3 - Trifecta? more like Goldfecta!

Ok, crappy title to a post but screw it...

As many people know, i've been learning the D3 AH it's quite different you're limited to your searching which can make it hard to actually find good deals.... that is unless you know what you are looking for.

Trifecta Gloves/Amulets/Rings

Trifecta basically mean's gloves or a piece of jewelry that rolls with the three most desired stat's which are:
  1. Critical hit chance - CHC
  2. Critical hit damage - CHD
  3. Attack speed or as some people refer to it as Increased attack speed - IAS - AS
  4. Socket - I search for sockets on necks and ring's as far as i know, glove's don't come with it.
This is how my basic search set up is done.

You will change Amulet for ring or gloves.(note, no socket selected due to searching for both Trifecta and and Trifecta+socket's separately to even out the type of items i have in stock).

After searching for an item, compare it to your current toon's and gauge off your gears value v's your gear stat's v's how much of a downgrade / upgrade the item is compared to yours. (don't forget that values like dex and strength may change dps depending on what toon you currently have selected)

Sort by time : look for price
After setting everything up, hit search and sort by time left and scan for low prices, i aim for items valued below 10-20k, but for first time doing it or just learning i would aim for things between 5 to 10k.

Only problem with doing this all manually(being legal and sticking to EULA and TOS) is that the AH is region wide, which mean's that there could be bot's doing the same thing.

( i didn't win the item in the picture because someone decided to snipe it at last second :( )

but an item i did win is....

Which i sold for 5 mil later on. (picked up for 10k).

The reason this neck sold for so much is because of:
High CHC
High CHD
Max IAS(well, 9% is max as far as i know)

IAS above 6% - Good
CHC above 4% - Good
CHD above 50% - Good
Socket - Better!

IAS above 6% - Good
CHC above 6% - Good
CHD above 50% - Good

IAS above 6% - Good
CHC above 6% - Good
CHD above 50% - Good

Other stat's to look for:
Min Dam
Max Dam
Resist All - 80 is max
Average Dam (Between ??? - ??? )
Main stats - Strength, Dex, Int

Item's below these stat's will still sell, just for not as much.

I normally post my won items at bid atleast 15% more then what i bought it for. and buyout depending on stat's and market prices for items around the same stat's.

This is as far as i can think of to go with this post, anything else wanted just pop me a message on twitter (@shiftywarloc)

For now...
Cheer's Sw

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