Thursday, 23 May 2013

Diablo 3 - Earning gold and farming gear

I'm sure everyone know's Diablo is just one massive farm fest and people trying to get the best for there toon's as they can. With farming you get the main colors:  legendary, rare and  magic. Each of these can be DE'd for there respective material.

Level 60 legendary's will give 1 brimstone and a chance of 1-2 Iridescent tear.
Level 60 Rares will give 1 Iridescent tear + 1-2 Exquisite Essence.
Level 60 Magics will give 1 Exquisite Essence and a chance of 1 Iridescent tear.


The way i handle my farming is run my route(discussed later) when full port to town > identify > keep what has good stats > DE what has bad stats.

What you do after this is entirely up to you but if you are gearing up it's best to craft mostly what i say unless you think you have really bad luck.

What i do is any crap legendary's i DE for brimstone's and i craft Amulets(BOA).

These are probably some of the best amulets in game(personally) 201-230 of the main stat then 5 random properties. It's cheaper and easier in the long run to get these than it is to buy another amulet off the AH.

If you don't have the recipes, they are cheap to get off the AH for around 5-10k.

After that i would then DE any crap necks i have and craft Archon Gauntlets.

Again, these i personally feel are some of the best and easiest gloves to get, Same deal as before 201-230 of a main stat and 5 random properties.

Most people think eww Rare must be crap, but in fact 90% of Rare's are probably better then legendary's Colors don't make the difference.. stat's make the difference.

After this i will DE any glove's that are not an upgrade because again, these are BOA.

With 5-10 mins of farming i had about 112 Exquisite Essence which i then went and posted all on the AH for  around 190k, and with in posting and logging into the game they all sold!

It say's 160k because of the 15% AH cut
In this image you can also see some that i had sold previously from farming.


My basic farming route since 1.0.8 with mob density increase relies on Act 1 mainly Field of misery and Weeping hollow zones.

I start the game on Act 1 inferno at Quest 9 part 3 Chamber of suffering.

Get into the game and go to the waypoints and teleport to The festering woods(this zone is included due to the 2 always spawn dungeon and 1-2 rare packs to build NV off. Clear the whole zone.

Then After that i will teleport to Fields of misery and clear the zone and all dungeons except for khazra den it's a worthless place and has no mobs.

After i clear FOM i will run to the very bottom of the map cross the bridge and run to the cemetery kill the rare champ that sometimes spawn then run out of the gate and enter the Weeping Hollow. Again ,clear the zone including all dungeons once done teleport to town. Identify items and DE items then log out and repeat.

Closing Words

With that i leave you too enjoy what ever you can run your own route for items to do it.

But before i leave i will say, you do not have to craft necks or gloves and just sell everything but i prefer to craft them for the chance of upgrades.

You can do this on any MP and while writing this and forgetting what zones were called i ran it to refresh myself on MP 0  and got 1 legendary, 2 loads of Rare/Magic item's which DE'd to about 40-50 essence and 20 tears.

for now...
Cheers Sw


  1. Your mystic has knowledge of powerful enhancements. They are capable of enhancing / enchanting shoulder pieces, gloves, legs, feet, rings, one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons and most ranged weapons (bows and wands). You can use your high level Jeweler to enhance these pieces of equipment and then turn around and sell them on the auction house for great profits.

    Diablo 3

    1. To my knowledge, the Mystic was removed by Blizz on 19 Jan 2012 so she never even made it to live.