Friday, 23 August 2013

FFXIV and the future(Short post)....(Need to work on my titles more)

As many people already know Final Fantasy XIV will start in just under 8 hours  and as some people may not know is that FFXIV will also have an AH and various other things based around gold making.

I plan on playing and making gold in this game, so you can expect to see gold making tips for that game placed here.

In the future though, the markets for FFXIV might crash considering everyone can get every profession. how ever there is the system that with crafted items you will have different qualities applied( i believe, didn't really muck around with crafting system in beta) and in gathering professions nodes aren't shared everyone has there own phased nodes(mining atleast from what i saw, unknown about others).

well, thats what you can expect from this blog in the future, might also keep up to date with D3 gold making aswell but we will see how much ffxiv captivates my attention.

for now..
Cheer's Sw

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